Constructional Projects

The construction and real estate fields are important sector in Iraq. Al-Khayat group has a long experience in this sector. The important of this sector and principle refer to the group founder.
Our group include two companies work in this filed.

Bridges of Baghdad for General Constructional Contractors Ltd.
BAGHDAD Real Estate Investment Co. Ltd.

Most important construction projects owned and constructed by the group:

Al-Khayat Complex

It is a big complex include two Hotel, Cinema, Department Stores, Ware houses, Shops and many business centers.


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:: Brief about the Mosque: 

The Mosque allocated in a very distinct area of Erbil city capital of Kurdistan Region, surrounded by four streets (two of them are main streets), the land area is about (15000m˛). The mosque building relies on Islamic architecture and al-Abbasi design except the domes, which built, relying on OTTOMAN Mosques.

The Mosque is distinguished by hugeness skeleton, many domes, and tow high minaret, intermediate the mosque skeleton big and huge dome, the height of the main dome (48 meter), and the diameter (20 meter), and around the main dome (four half domes), (twelve quarter domes) and (four domes on the corner)

There are also many domes distributed around the Mosque, with the presence of two high minarets with (75 meter) high beside the main sanctum together with domes which cover the sanctum gives a nice architecture view to the mosque.

The two minarets are designed and built relying on Islamic architecture, with a square base, and the second nave with an octagonal shape and the third nave with a circular shape, in additional to the columns which bear the crescent. 

The mosque project is consider the first mosque in Kurdistan Region and Iraq in variegation, design, ornament and skeleton where as the big sanctuary (which specified for men praying) which take about (1500 prayer).

The sanctuary has been ornamented from inside by hand which took one year of hard work, as all inside walls and domes carefully variegated and golden ink used to write verses of the Holly Koran. The chandeliers used for lighting consist of original crystal and all the metal gold plated 24 K gold.

The second sanctuary specified for woman for praying and listens to the Friday speeches, can take (300 prayers), and also variegated and ornamented from inside.

The mosque includes two main gates on the main street, the first main gate is (25 meters) of height covered by a big dome and two half domes, the second gate is built relying on Islamic architecture and covered with bricks, there are also several gates on side streets.

On the left side of the big sanctuary there is a big hall can take (300 persons) for the religion occasion, the ceiling of the hall variegated with mirror ornamented and lighted by chandelier which includes original crystal and gold plated. The hall includes annex for food service. Beside the occasion hall there is a grave yard with octagonal shape, over it a circular dome, with a separate entrance.

The path ways leading to the occasion hall and other mosque annex and halls is beside the sanctuary and around consists of a corridor built relying on (Al-Abbasi design of corridors) decorated and covered with bricks and colored ceramic.

There are three places ablution and annex for departed and pray on, the mosque includes a kitchen to arrange food for poor people at owner expenses.

Under the mosque at the basement floor there are several rooms designed to be a library or introduce different services to the mosque.

During ten years from the beginning of the project and until the completion hundreds of believer and faithful people work to build this project and introduce this edifice to the Erbil City to be a living evidence during history, beside other Erbil edifice.

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Erbil city has some Four million residents whose growing demands for shopping international brands and products have not been satisfied.

Royal Mall will be one of leading iconic retail, entertainment and lifestyle center in Iraq. The modern, multistory shopping mall has been designed and constructed up to the highest international standards. Strategically located in the heart of the city of Erbil, capital of Kurdistan Region of Iraq, and being accessible by four streets, two of which are major and ever busy streets (Sexagesima and Shorsh) adjacent to Jalil Khayat Mosque.

Royal Mall Set to be one of the ideal shopping haven for visitors where good mix of retail, entertainment, F&B are all found under one roof. Its impressive cutting edge interiors coupled with a festive aura, Royal Mall will truly be a one stop shopping spot for everyone. This contemporary Mall will be a fashion trendsetter where visitors will indulge in ultimate luxury shopping and have the chance to experience the most tantalizing culinary options at the Mall’s numerous restaurants, café and Food Court. 

This exclusive Centre will cater 160,500,00 Sqf of prime retail space over Six levels incorporating a Hypermarket, Cinema Complex, Entertainment Centre ,restaurants, food court and a wide range of retail outlets covering all categories. The Shopping Mall will also feature an underground parking garage for over 400 vehicles .This development is expected to be completed by  August 2011 and consists of two phases.


ROYAL MALL is a Modern and Biggest Shopping Mall in the Region built in very important business area in Erbil city. The mall built and supplied by nice materials to be similar and like the shopping malls around the world. This project include many shops, business centers, Restaurants, Game halls and others.

The project consists of two parts:

Part I :
consists of six floors and are as follows:
Basement floor: Square and parking of the mall.
Floors (ground, first and second): Shops different purposes.
Third floor: consists of fast food restaurants and seating areas visitors to the mall and stores multiple uses.
Fourth Floor: It contains Boling Hall and world-class area, Modern games and (5 cinemas) can hold for (120) People and additional multi-use hall.

Part II:
It consists of five floors and as follows:
Floors of the 5-8: Modern offices with a different suit the needs of different companies.
The Ninth Floor: It contains a 5-star restaurant overlooking the heart of the capital Region .

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In addition to above constructional projects, the group owned several buildings, lands and real estates in different Iraqi cities.



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